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Advantage Business Solutions Enterprises is a specialty consultancy and advisory firm helping manufacturers, commercial property owners and business owners identify the many Federal, State and Local tax incentives/credits for which they qualify.
Using our proprietary software, we work with our client’s financial team, CPA’s or tax preparers to assist them in identifying these lucrative tax incentives/credits.

Clients using our service have recouped on average, annualized tax benefits in excess of $200,000 dollars.

At Advantage Business Solutions Enterprises we work with our clients to create innovative business solutions that deliver measurable financial benefits and sustainable results.

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Our team of professional's pride themselves in working with business owners, commercial property owners and manufacturers to develop the process and methodology leading to commercial property tax reductions, identification of payroll-based employee tax credits and where appropriate, implementing a variety of productivity improvement methodologies, processes and practices assuring sustainable results.


Some of our service offerings include: 

  • Disaster ERC tax credit identification.
  • Identify numerous employee-based tax credits through our Workers Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. 
  • Cost Segregation Studies and Assessments
  • Assistance in reclassifying personal property assets and property tax mitigation for commercial property owners using our proprietary software.
  • Research and Development Tax Reduction Credit identification. 
  • Identify Energy Tax Credits using our proprietary software.